Will you pray for the London Student Mission next week?

mission_logo It may be a very long time since you were a student, or you may well never have been a student at all. But regardless of what stage of life you’re at, I invite you to partner with the Christian students of London who next week are putting on a city-wide mission week, from 26th-30th January 2015. There will be central events happening every evening at All Soul’s Langham Place, as well as specific lunchtime talks at several campuses around the city.

Being a student is such a fantastic time to reach your mates with the gospel of Jesus Christ – people are often more receptive to considering new ideas as students than they are at any other time in their life. And if you can reach London students with the gospel, then you’ll reach the entire world – London universities are full of people from every corner of the globe, including many closed countries where it’s much harder to proclaim the gospel. So whether you’re 18 or 81 please be praying for these young Christians next week as they seek to proclaim Jesus.

I’ve put together a special PrayerMate feed just for this one week: sign up at http://praynow4.org/londonmission. It’s easiest if you subscribe to it in a category all of its own so that it’ll come up every time you pray during the week. When people pray, God answers – and we would love to see the name of God glorified as a result of all that happens next week!