Geero’s Garden Update No. 1

A few weeks ago, my mum stocked me up on all manner of seeds, and I went absolutely crazy planting whatever I could find space for. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but it really inspires that part of my personality that loves the potential of things that might be, so I’ve been obsessively getting outside as often as I can to see how things are coming along. Tonight I thought I’d take a few photographs to share with you all!



The biggest success story of the lot so far, from purely outward appearances, are definitely the potatoes. These plants have been growing like crazy, visibly increasing in size from day to day even just as I look out from my bedroom window. Not bad, considering they started as two mouldy old forgotten potatoes left in my mum’s cupboard a bit too long!

Carrots and Parsnips

The carrots and parsnips are the things I’m most eager to see succeed, and yet the things I have least hope in. The soil they’re growing in is pretty stony, but today for the first time I started to see signs of life. It could just be grass or some kind of weed that I’m seeing, but I like to tell myself they’re carrots.


Also starting to appear today are various shoots in the two pots I planted coriander and parsley in. They don’t look much like coriander or parsley at this stage, so again, they may turn out to be weeds, but they at least look different from each other and from the other weeds that are found everywhere in the rest of the garden!