Latest devlog for The Serpent & The Seed

We recently got back from a conference in Wales where we demoed a small slice of Act 1 of The Serpent & The Seed. I’m so encouraged by the response it received, so here’s a little video about how we got on.

This video also serves as a bit of an announcement that we have now launched a crowdfunding campaign to get the rest of the game built. We have some “matched giving” lined up, so for every £1 you give, we get £2 towards the project (or £2.50 if you’re a UK taxpayer and can Gift Aid!) – so even the smallest gift can make a big impact. If you’ve been following my 18 year journey of trying to make a Bible video game, or if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, I’d love you to consider making a contribution – even if it’s a small one! (I’d far rather have 16,000 people giving £1 each than two people giving £8,000 each!) Donate today at