PocketGamer Connects London 2024

Last month we had a major milestone in our project, The Serpent & The Seed, exhibiting it at our first secular games conference, PocketGamer Connects London 2024. The project has always mainly been about engaging people who don’t normally read the Bible, so it seemed important to get out there and test it with the general public and see how people responded to it – and I was blown away at the reaction, and how much people seemed to enjoy it. We always knew we were building something pretty special, but it was such a confidence booster to see other people recognising that too – and especially when its people from the games industry who really know their games.

I put together this devlog video sharing some of our experience:

With that shot in the arm for our confidence, it’s enabled us to go out there and hire an extra team member – a Technical Artist, to help us make the game look even better, adding lighting, writing shaders, and so on. It really feels like things are starting to come together now, and I can’t wait to see how it develops over the course of this year.