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Announcing PrayerMate 1.2 – An iPhone Prayer App


Today I am thrilled to announce the release of the most exciting version of PrayerMate yet, jam packed with features and improvements over the previous version.

PrayerMate is a Christian prayer app for iPhone or iPod Touch which allows you to easily and simply organise your prayer life. Set up various categories, enter the people and topics you want to pray about, and every day it will offer up a selection of items to pray through.

In this blog post I want to highlight three flagship features new to v1.2:

1. Reminders

No matter how easy PrayerMate makes it to organise your prayer points, it’s no good to you if you don’t get on and pray. Now you can get PrayerMate to remind you to pray once a day with a handy alarm. You choose the time, and you’ll receive a notification each day. N.B. Only supported on iOS 4.0 upwards.

2. Password Lock

PIN Code Screenshot

Perhaps you feel a little uncomfortable entering your prayer requests into PrayerMate, knowing that they can be a very personal or private thing. With version 1.2, you can now set a four-digit PIN code which will need to be entered before anybody can gain access to PrayerMate.

3. Pinned Categories

To avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed with prayer requests, PrayerMate has always offered you the ability to limit how many items you pray for each day. Now with ‘pinned’ categories, you can combine that with a commitment to always praying for certain items in every session. Want to make sure you always pray for your family every day? Simple: just ‘pin’ the family category, and they’ll be prioritised, even if there are other items in other categories that you haven’t prayed for as recently.

Other New Features

PrayerMate 1.2 also offers a number of minor improvements, including:

  • Subjects can now be added directly from prayer mode, making it easier to follow up on those “I’ll pray for you!” promises
  • Subjects can now be entered with fewer touches
  • A new screen showing recently prayed items
  • Ability to archive old prayer points without having to delete them altogether
  • Statistics about how many times you’ve prayed for things has been moved into the settings screen to reduce the sense of guilt and stress it was inducing
  • New icon colour scheme, involving less pink

Same Old Intuitive Interface

Despite all the swanky new features, PrayerMate remains the same easy-to-use app with the same intuitive interface. Every day you’re presented with a series of index cards to pray through, and you just swipe them to the left to move on to the next one.

May it help you in your prayer life! Buy it on the App Store today.