How to use PrayerMate to help you Pray for Seven

Pray for Seven. Who could you pray for? from London Diocese on Vimeo.

Pray for Seven is a fantastic initiative from the Diocese of London as part of their Capital Vision 2020: encouraging Christians to pray regularly for seven specific individuals for an opportunity to share your faith with them.

This is something that the PrayerMate app is perfectly suited to assist in – if you make yourself a “Pray for Seven” list in the app, then every time you use the app you can get it to give you a different one of your seven to pray for. If it helps you to focus, you can even attach a little photo to each one.

Step 1: Select “Pray for Seven”

To get started, open the app and go to the “Add” page (the + button can be found at the top on Android and as a tab at the bottom on iOS) and choose the “Prayers for friends” option, followed by “Capital Vision / Pray for Seven“.


Step 2: Enter your seven names

You’ll then want to add your seven names. Type each name on a separate line, using the enter key after each one. Then you can press the “Done” button in the top right once you’ve entered all seven.

Simulator Screen Shot 4 Apr 2016 14.10.21

Step 3: Add photos / customise

On the “lists” page you should then be able to see the names you’ve just added, and you can tap any one of them to view. Each one will have a pencil icon to edit it, where you can add a photo to enter some notes.

Simulator Screen Shot 4 Apr 2016 14.11.15

Step 4: Pray for Seven!

Each time I launch the app I’ll be given a selection of things to pray for, and over time this will include each of my “Pray for Seven” people (if you prefer, you can configure the list’s settings to guarantee that it will always give you one “Pray for Seven” item every time you use the app)

Simulator Screen Shot 4 Apr 2016 14.19.07