PrayerMate iOS Frequently Asked Questions

PrayerMate Logo 1Following are some frequently asked questions about the PrayerMate app for iOS.

Can I sync my data between two devices?

Yes – go to the app’s “Settings” page and you can choose the “Create an online account / sign in” option.

Is there a desktop version of PrayerMate?

There is not currently any official desktop client for PrayerMate, but if you export your data from the app’s “Settings” page then you can load it into this unofficial community tool by Dean Montgomery, make your changes, and then load the data back in to the app.

How do I edit cards? What happened to the pencil icon?

In the latest update you don’t need to press the pencil icon to edit cards, just tap the card to edit.

Can I increase the font size?

Yes, you can do this from the app’s settings page.

Is there a way to temporarily pray every day for a special event?

There’s instructions here on how to pray daily for a special event.

How do I remove a reminder alarm?

On the reminders page, you can swipe any alarm to the left to reveal a “Delete” button.