PrayerMate iOS Frequently Asked Questions

PrayerMate Logo 1Following are some frequently asked questions about the PrayerMate app for iOS.

Can I sync my data between two devices?

Yes – tap the cog button, go to advanced settings and enable “Sync via via Dropbox“.

Is there a desktop version of PrayerMate?

There is a beta version of a web client that you can use to manage your data, though not to actually do the praying, available here.

Can I increase the font size?

Users running iOS7 can now increase the font size using the system-wide setting. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Is there a way to temporarily pray every day for a special event?

There’s instructions here on how to pray daily for a special event.

How can I delete categories or subjects that I no longer want?

When looking at the list of categories in the settings menu, you can swipe any row to the left to reveal a “Delete” button. Similarly, when looking at a list of subjects in a category, you can swipe a row to the left to delete them.

How do I remove a reminder alarm?

In the advanced settings menu, you can swipe any alarm to the left to reveal a “Delete” button.