PrayerMate is the People’s Choice!

I’m absolutely thrilled that last night PrayerMate won the Premier Digital “People’s Choice” Award. Of all the categories it could have been shortlisted for and ultimately went on to win, I think the People’s Choice couldn’t have been more fitting, since at the end of the day it’s PrayerMate’s wonderful community of users who, under God, are really the cause of its success – and of course who I make the app for! Thank you all so much for your support (and your votes!) and keep those feature requests and bug reports and general feedback coming!

It’s been a big year for PrayerMate, passing the 100,000 download mark, raising over £9,000 through a crowdfunding campaign, beginning the process of being translated into other languages, and now winning this award, but at its heart it remains a little app to help you pray, and my prayer is that this award simply means that it can reach, and thus help, a wider audience.