PrayerMate Video Project

Considering it started as a simple Easter holiday project for somebody who had never made an app before, it blows my mind that by God’s grace PrayerMate is very soon to celebrate its 100,000th download! I’m always so thankful to hear of people’s testimonies of how God has used the app to help them in their prayer life, and so I thought it might be a fitting way to celebrate this milestone by trying to get as many people as possible to record a super-short video finishing the sentence “PrayerMate helps me…”

Are you in?


  • The shorter the better – absolute maximum is 20 seconds I think
  • Landscape is preferable to portrait
  • Your video must begin “PrayerMate helps me…” – though you can try to be as creative as you like with the rest!
  • Please keep it family friendly!
  • You can have as many or as few people in the video as you like
  • Submissions can be made however you like – upload it to YouTube and Tweet the link to @PrayerMateApp, email me a link to something in your Google Drive to, or any other means you can think of!
  • If you’re willing, I’ll be adding a subtitle “Firstname, City/Country”, so it would help if you could tell me that information when you submit your video
  • The deadline for submissions is 1st September

Update: Here’s the finished product!