If I had unlimited time…

Scarcity of time is one of God’s great inventions to make us get off our behinds and do something. Yet sometimes we wish it wasn’t so.

If I had unlimited time to work on PrayerMate, here’s some of the things I would do:

  • Spruce up the website to make it less cluttered and much more mobile friendly
  • Finish implementing syncing on the iOS version, and add it to the Android version too
  • Finish porting all of the features from the iOS version over to the Android version (I’m making good progress on this! Can’t wait to show off what I’ve done soon!!!)
  • Add support for private prayer feeds that aren’t publicised in the gallery
  • Create some kind of web based interface to manage your content
  • More tools for power users to import large amounts of prayer points (e.g. from CSV spreadsheets)
  • Make a better onboarding process to get new users up and running faster
  • Make an animated overview video to help introduce the core concepts of the app
  • Make a promo video for the Android version of the app to go on Google Play
  • Write some proper documentation for the PrayerMate Publishing Platform
  • Make a snazzy mobile-friendly landing page for the Publishing Platform to explain its benefits and how it works
  • Develop an analytics system so that content publishers can get regular reports on how people are actually using their content
  • Try to build some kind of way for users to visualise the “schedule” behind their upcoming prayer points, and manage their schedules more easily

Instead I must have patience and trust that God had a reason when he gave me the limited hours in the day that he has chosen to give me. If, however, any of you out there have skills and time that might be able to help out with some of those things, then I’m all ears – just hit the “Send feedback” button in side the app to drop me an email.

  • Do you have new-fangled HTML and web design skills and a good eye that you might be able to donate for a few hours?
  • Are you an experienced Android / iOS developer looking for a full-time/part-time gig for 3-6 months working on a Christian app?
  • Do you have pots of money to help fund an experienced Android or iOS developer working full-/part-time on a Christian app for 3-6 months with no guarantee of any financial return on your investment?

If any of the above fit you, drop me an email.