PrayerMate iOS v3.3.0

PrayerMate Logo 1Today there is a small yet important new update to PrayerMate for iOS. It addresses three very long-standing feature requests:

  1. It includes a new “prayer gallery” of downloadable content. This is very small and simple at the moment, but I can add it to gradually over time without requiring further app updates. It includes some links to various Bible prayers that you can copy and paste, and I’ll be sure to add many more over the coming weeks and months. If you have any prayers that you would like to share with other PrayerMate users, do hit the “Get in touch” button inside the app.
  2. Multiple reminder alarms. Where previously you could only have one reminder per day, you can now add as many as you like through the day. If you decide you don’t want one any more, just swipe that row to the left to delete.
  3. You must now explicitly ask for a new set of cards to pray for on any given day. If you like to pray for same things all day long, now you can! Once you’ve prayed, your cards will stay the same until the following day. If you prefer to pray for new things every time, there’s a button you can press to ask for a new set of cards.

The update also includes some other minor updates:

  • You can now create a bunch of subjects by entering a simple list of names
  • Subject ordering should now be respected properly in prayer mode
  • The date that you last contacted somebody is now tracked, so you know how long it’s been
  • New “Help” gallery, which will be gradually expanded over time

P.S. Bonus points if you spot the glaring typo in this update. I’ll try to fix it soon!