New PrayerMate for Android Features!

PrayerMate Logo 1Today I’m pleased to announce the release of the first big update to PrayerMate for Android. It has a bunch of the new features you asked for:

  • You can now attach photos of people to their cards, as a little prompt to help you pray!
  • You can now backup your prayer database to Dropbox, and import it back again. This should be completely compatible with the iOS version as well, allowing you to transfer your data between devices. (Note: if you have any trouble re-importing, do get in touch by hitting the ‘send feedback’ button inside the app)
  • Subjects can now be scheduled by date, by day of the week or by day of the month, in addition to the “default” scheduling mode.
  • I’ve added an explicit button to ask for a new set of cards on any given day, so you can choose whether to keep praying the same stuff or for new things each time.
  • It’s now possible to choose to install the app to an SD card rather than directly to your phone, if you’re running out of space.

There’s also plenty of bug fixes:

  • The reminder alarm is now properly fixed for all users – apologies for any inconvenience caused by this malfunctioning for some of you
  • The app now better tracks your state and how far you had got through praying
  • Some subjects that had got “stuck” should now be back in circulation
  • Fixed a few crashes whilst managing your data

Let me know how you get on – you can email me through the app, or follow @PrayerMateApp on Twitter, and PrayerMate is on Facebook too. Do leave a review on Google Play if you enjoy it!