Letting people subscribe to your prayer diary by email

People have been asking for this for a while, so I’m pleased to announce that if you have set up a prayer diary on the PrayerMate.net site, then it is now possible to allow people to subscribe to your content by email if you sign up for a service such as MailChimp (which I love, by the way!)

1. Create a campaign

Step one is to log in to MailChimp and create yourself an “RSS-Driven Campaign”

RSS Driven Campaign

2. Enter feed URL

You’ll need to provide a feed URL:

RSS Campaign URL

You can get that URL by clicking the “Subscribe by email” link in the right sidebar on your prayer diary:

Subscribe by email sidebar

3. Configure email template

Next you’ll want to set up your email template. MailChimp allows you to use some special code in your template to embed the contents of the feed in your email – if you’re using a different email service then you’ll need to figure out what the relevant code is for that service (I’m afraid I can’t help you with this). Try copying and pasting this into your template:



4. Create a signup form

Then all there is to it is to publicise your mailing list and let people subscribe. MailChimp also provides tools to let you create a mini signup form:

Signup forms

When given the choice, choose “General forms”, and then you can easily set up a form to let people join your list.

5. Go!

Then just enable your campaign and watch it go!