How to transfer your PrayerMate data to a new device

Syncing your data to the cloud

If you want to keep your PrayerMate data safe at all times backed up in the cloud automatically, the best thing to do is to “sign in” to the app. Go to PrayerMate’s “settings” page (a cog button whilst praying – at the top on Android or in the bottom tab bar on iOS). There you should find a “Create an online account/sign in” option (it will say “My Account” instead if you are already signed in). Sign in and wait for the sync progress to reach 100% (this could take a while if you have a lot of data).

Syncing to a second device

If you wish to then sync this to a second device, the best thing is to start with a fresh PrayerMate installation on that device – if you already have it installed on the second device then consider uninstalling it and reinstalling. On the very first screen when you launch PrayerMate afresh it should give you a cog button in the top right with the option to sign in and sync. Again, you’ll have to wait for progress to reach 100%, which could take a while due to the decryption that has to take place.

Export/Improt via Dropbox

It is also possible to transfer your PrayerMate data via Dropbox. Here’s a step by step guide of how to do it.

Step 1: Export your data from your old device

Open up PrayerMate on your old device, navigate to the app’s main “Settings” menu (accessible whilst praying), and choose the “Export data” / “Export to Dropbox” setting. You’ll need to log in with your Dropbox credentials if you haven’t already (and possibly you’ll first need to set up a Dropbox account)


If you want any photos you’ve attached to people to be transferred, choose the “Export with photos” option:


It may take a while to upload all of the photos, and you’ll see a little progress indicator whilst you wait. Once it’s complete you should see confirmation:


Step 2: Import your data on your new device

It’s then time to switch over to your new device. Download PrayerMate if you haven’t already. Then go to the app’s main “Settings” menu again, and this time choose “Import data” (N.B. on some newer 64-bit Android phones Dropbox isn’t directly integrated with PrayerMate – but if you choose “Import from another app” you can use the separate Dropbox app if you’ve installed it, and browse to the folder “Apps/PrayerMate” within your Dropbox). After you’ve logged into Dropbox, you’ll be presented with a list of files in your PrayerMate folder. Look for the one with today’s date:


If you exported photos on the first device, make sure you choose “Import with photos” on this second device too:


Again, you may have a bit of a wait, but eventually you’ll be presented with confirmation of how many categories and subjects were imported: