Hubbub is Hiring Web Developers

In case you didn’t know it, London’s most amazing startup, Hubbub, is currently looking for two… yes TWO… web developers.

If you’re a developer who likes people and likes food, Hubbub is an awesome place to work. We let people shop online with local independent retailers, helping support local communities in the process. As an added bonus, that means we tend to have really incredible lunches here each day, with food bought from some really top-notch suppliers.

We use Ruby on Rails, but if your skills are in some other language then don’t panic – as long as you can demonstrate the ability to learn new things quickly, that needn’t be a hindrance (I’d only ever written about one line of Ruby before I started here).

As an added bonus, successful candidates will get a year’s supply of free bacon. And my, what bacon it is! Or maybe you’re not a developer, but you know somebody who is? Well, recommend somebody to us who we go on to hire, and you’ll get a year’s supply of free bacon too!

Full details and instructions on how to apply can be found here.