West Cornwall Pasty vs the Big Mac

I think most of us instinctively know that a Big Mac is not exactly going to be healthy for you. But how does it stack up against a Large Traditional steak pasty from the West Cornwall Pasty Company? I suspect that many of us think of the pasty as a slightly healthier alternative. As a lover of Cornwall and Cornish culture it pains me to say this, but the results are not good:

Typical Values Units Per Big Mac Big Mac & Large Fries Per Pasty
Energy kCal 490 950 1040
Protein g 28 33 36.3
Carbohydrates g 41 101 94.5
of which Sugars g 8 9 4.2
Fat g 24 47 57.5
of which Saturated g 10 12 24.2
Fibre g 4 10 6
Salt g 2.1 3 5

The large pasty has over twice the calories, over twice the saturated fats and over twice the salt content of the Big Mac. Even once you add in a large fries, the pasty comes off worse.

No surprises then that it’s surprisingly difficult to get access to the nutritional information for the West Cornwall Pasty Co. I had to email them to find this out.

Edit: If you ever want to find a gluten free pasty in Cornwall, check out Harbour Lights in Coverack.