I’m a Christian Software Developer

After running my blog in it’s current form for just over six months now, I’ve decided to slightly tweak the formula. I’ve been finding the tagline of “Christian Software Development” somewhat restrictive in terms of what it inspired me to write about, and my trusty Google Analytics stats have suggested that it would be perfectly sensible to relabel geero.net as the site of a “Christian software developer” instead. As a Christian who also happens to be a software developer, I hope to be able to bring to bear a Christian worldview on issues that I find interesting, and which other software developers, Christian or not, are also likely to be interested in – which is pretty much what I’ve been doing already but less intentionally.

What this means practically remains to be seen, but I have a number of potential blog posts brewing at the moment and hope to write them up over the next few weeks and months. Stay tuned!